Saturday, June 28, 2008

Opening of NLC new building postponed

Due to various reasons, the opening (originally planned in July) of the new building (Phase II) of the National Library of China has been postponed to September 2008.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Chinese translations of IFLA papers posted

After the work of a month, all the eight Chinese translations of cataloging-related papers for the IFLA Conference (WLIC) have been posted to the IFLANET at:

Translators are from three departments of the National Library of China:
  • Chinese Acquisitions & Cataloging Department: 6
  • International Cooperation Division: 1
  • Foreign Acquisitions & Cataloging Department: 1
I hope Chinese librarians will get more information from the important international conference through this channel, and catch the latest developments in cataloging-related researches and practices.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

OCLC's CEO visited National Library of China

Mr. Jay Jordan, OCLC's CEO, visited National Library of China today in the morning. Dr. ZHAN Furui, Director of National Library of China, and some of his colleagues met with OCLC guests. Among the OCLC guests, Mr. Andrew Wang, vice-president of OCLC, Ms. Shu-En Tsai, Director of Asia-Pacific Services, and some of their colleagues from the OCLC China Office also attended the meeting.

We talked about the CNMARC-MARC21 conversion test files for the uploading of NLC Chinese records in the near future, and our mutual interest in the OCLC membership development.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

National Library of China to provide translation records to UNESCO

National Library of China has begun to submit bibliographic records to UNESCO for Index Translationum. Founded in 1932, Index Translationum contains about 1.7 million bibliographic records of translations from about 100 UNESCO member countries. Before 2008, Index Translationum contacted related organizations many times for Chinese records, but failed. In January 2008, I received a letter from Peter Lor, Secretary General of IFLA, concerning Index Translationum. I contacted the editor immediately and submitted 1,000 test records. By now, we have gone through all the procedures and begun to submit records on a regular basis. I hope users can search Chinese records in the database in the near future.