Saturday, December 28, 2013

Chinese Translation of "UNIMARC Manual: Authorities Format" Published

Chinese translation of UNIMARC Manual: Authorities Format (3rd edition) was just published by the National Library of China Publishing House in December 2013.
The Chinese translation was done by the CNMARC Authorities Format National Standard Working Group. The corresponding national standard based on the UNIMARC format is expected to be completed in the next year.
Please see the following detailed bibliographic information:

Friday, December 20, 2013

Photo Album of My Department (2011-2013)

One of my colleagues made a photo album in video format, which includes several hundreds of photos of the Foreign Acquisitions & Cataloging Department, National Library of China, during my term of office 2011-2013.
Most of the photos were taken by me.
Please visit the following site for the video:

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Chinese Version of RDA Completed

After more than one year's effort of a team of 15 experts, the translation of RDA (Resource Description & Access) from English into Chinese was completed this month. We hope the Chinese edition could be published before the Spring Festival (Chinese Lunar New Year).

Thursday, October 24, 2013

International Forum “Development of Publications and Challenges to Libraries”

2013 Annual Conference of the Library Society of China
Session of the Resource Development and Sharing Committee
International Forum "Development of Publications and Challenges to Libraries"

Host: Resource Development and Sharing Committee, Library Society of China
Co-Host: Foreign Acquisitions & Cataloging Department, National Library of China
Date: November 7, 2013, 2:30pm-5:00pm
Venue: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, Meeting Room 4

  • Forms of publications in the future and the trends of international publishing industry
  • Roles of future publications in academic exchanges
  • Impacts of digital publishing on library resources development
  • Digital publishing and the transitions of libraries
  • Future development of library resources
  • The win-win cooperation of publishers and libraries in the new information environments

Guest Speakers:
  • Nancy Roberts (Cambridge University Press): "Form of Publications in the Future and the Trend of Development in International Publishing"
  • XIAO Ximing (Wuhan University): "Digital Reading and the Development of LibraryResources"
  • Carol Bacchus (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.): "Digital Books and Challenges of Library"
  • YU Haixian (East China Normal University Library): "How Should We Buy Books Today? Library Collection Development from in the Eyes of a Manager"
  • Jan Willem Wijnen (Elsevier B.V.): "Article of the Future: Overview of Recent Innovations and the Road Ahead"
  • ZHANG Yong (Hunan Library): "Public Library Collection Development in the All-Media Environment"

Moderator: GU Ben (National Library of China)

Each guest speaker will make a 20-minute presentation (including Q&A), and then there will be a 30-minute discussion. English-Chinese/Chinese-English Simultaneous Interpretation and bilingual presentation will be provided.

About Guest Speakers and the Moderator:

  • Nancy Roberts, Ph.D. in Literature, Global Production & Operations Director, Academic Publishing, Cambridge University Press, extremely experienced publishing professional with deep industry knowledge in a range of sectors including children's, reference and trade.
  • XIAO Ximing, Professor of the School of Information Management, Wuhan University, Vice-Chair of the Academic Research Committee of the Library Society of China (LSC), Chair of the Resource Development and Sharing Committee of LSC, Governing Board Member of the Hubei Provincial Society of Library Science.
  • Carol Bacchus, Ph.D. in Human Genetics, VP & Director, Life Sciences, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., with experiences in several publishing companies as medical editor, editorial director and publishing director. Since late 2010, she spends most of her time in China to further develop editorial services for Chinese authors and editors.
  • YU Haixian, Executive Vice-Director of the East China Normal University Library, Member of the Academic Library and Information Work Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education, Member of the Resource Development and Sharing Committee of LSC, Governing Board Member of the Shanghai Society for Library Science, Vice-Chair of the Shanghai Academic Library and Information Work Steering Committee.
  • Jan Willem Wijnen, Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry, Publishing Executive in Physics, Elsevier B.V., with experiences as publishing editor, business developer, publishing consultant, project manager and senior publisher for several publishing companies. In his current position he manages a portfolio of 15 journals in physics and is involved in setting up new innovative academic publications.
  • ZHANG Yong, Director of the Hunan Library, Chair of the Hunan Society for Library Science, Chair of Local Documents Committee of LSC, Editor-in-Chief of Library (Journal).
  • GU Ben, Director of the Foreign Acquisitions & Cataloging Department of the National Library of China, Vice-Chair of the Resource Development and Sharing Committee of LSC, Editorial Committee Member of IFLA Journal.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Preparing a Session on the Future of Library Collection Development during LSC Annual Conference Next Month in Shanghai

I am preparing a session jointly organized by the Committee for Resource Development and Sharing of the Library Society of China and the Foreign Acquisitions & Cataloging Department of the National Library of China during the Annual Conference of the Library Society of China, Shanghai, November 7-8, 2013.
I don't want to follow the old way to arrange call-for-paper writers to speak. Instead, I would like to arrange three foreign publishers to talk about the future of publishing industry and three Chinese library scholars to talk about the challenges faced by libraries, and ask the six speaks to have panel discussions.
Since it is the first time for us to arrange such a session during LSC annual conference, we have to solve many problems, such as simultaneous interpretation and bilingual PPTs.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Bookworm’s Book Life: A book review by Jianping

The Bookworm's Book Life

A book review by Jianping

《书山蠹语》顾犇著   国家图书馆出版社2013年6月版

Thus spoke The Bookworm / by Ben Gu
National Library of China Publishing House, June 2013
ISBN 978-7-5013-5056-8

In my eyes, Dr. Ben Gu is a living specimen of a "bookworm". Book is the subject of all his life, and his life is closely related to books. In his work, Dr. Ben Gu is responsible for the acquisition and cataloging of books in foreign languages, and have made great achievements in the field of library cataloging; in his spare time, he is busy in reading, collecting, writing and translating books. People call him "The Bookworm", and even he himself uses this name for his blog. Wherever he is, he keeps recording his "book life" in his blog, and gradually accumulates quite a lot of texts. Now, Dr. Ben Gu compiled the best texts from his blog to publish a book Thus spoke The Bookworm (书山蠹语, literally "The Bookworm spoke on the book mountain").

With diary style, this intimate and interesting book is written informally and easily. Readers will see the book life of "The Bookworm" without pedantry and with freshness. The book includes reviews of books, experiences of book translating, records of book collecting, events of library and book trade community, feelings of a music lover, stories around the world, etc., which form a vivid picture of life of a librarian.

Dr. Ben Gu is interested in the platform of blogs, actually because he has his own considerations. Just as he wrote in the book, "Blog is a kind of memory, which keeps records of my own life and also events related to me, most of which will not be recorded later. Blog is a mirror, which reflects comments of my audience. Blog is also a way of communication, from which I can share my knowledge with readers and learn more knowledge from comments by readers."

While reading this book, I was frequently reminded of a man, who is a blind librarian and keeps writing. He is Jorge Luis Borges, great Argentine writer. Since Dr. Ben Gu always call himself "library person", we can find shadows of respectable Jorge Luis Borges from this Chinese book lover.

Wenhui Book Review, July 12, 2013, P. 6.

Bibliographic information at the publisher's site:

Bibliographic information at the Douban site:

Another book review at the China Library Weekly site:

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Illustrations of my blog book

My blog book Thus spoke The Bookworm (书山蠹语) was published in early June by National Library of China Publishing House.
There are 15 surrealistic illustrations by Mr. Ying HAN, a Qingdao illustrator/cartoonist.
Please see the following site for the illustrations:
among which the following is the basis for the cover:

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

News Reports about the Cooperation between the National Libraries of China and Cuba

"Bibliotecas de Cuba y China firman carta de intención" (Video), AméricaEconomía

"Firman carta de intención de cooperación las Bibliotecas Nacionales de Cuba y China (29.05.13)", Biblioteca Nacional de Cuba José Martí

Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Blog Book Published

My blog book Bookworm speaks (书山蠹语) is published by National Library of China Publishing House in May 2013.
书山蠹语 / 顾犇著 ; 韩盈插图. — 北京 : 国家图书馆出版社, 2013. — 350 页. — 978-7-5013-5056-8.
This book includes blog posts from my blog during the last five years.
Mr. Ying HAN provides 15 illustrations for my book.

Catalogers are chefs

Friday, February 15, 2013

Chinese translation of FRSAD published

The Chinese translation of FRSAD (Functional Requirements for Subject Authority Data) is published by IFLA on the page maintained by the Cataloguing Section:
The translation was done by Ms. LIU Sha (Wuhan University Library).

Sunday, February 3, 2013

IFLA Professional Statement on UBC

IFLA Bibliography Section just released IFLA Professional Statement on UBC at:
I translated this document into Chinese, and the translation will be released very soon.