Monday, August 27, 2018


I was busy for the 25th Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF) last week, to attend forums, opening ceremony, exhibition and reception. I have attended almost all the 25 BIBFs since the very beginning, and witnessed the development of Chinese publishing industry in the past 30 years.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

New Book Released in Shanghai Book Fair

Shanghai Book Fair opened last week.
I was very glad to know that my new book was officially published during the book fair.
It's my third collection of essays, including blog posts, book reviews and other essays related to library and book trade.
This book is illustratated by Anjianda, a copper relief artist. The illustrations are the results of our interative communications and are all related library, book reading and book trade.
The book is one of the serias "Civil Reading Book Beauty" published by the Shanghai Scientific and Technological Literature Publishing House.

书蠹精语 / The Bookworm Speaks
顾犇 著 / by Ben Gu
安建达 插图 / Illustrations by Anjianda
上海 : 上海科技文献出版社, 2018 / Published by the Shanghai Scientific and Technological Literature Publishing House, August 2018
书蠹精语 / 顾犇著 ; 安建达插图. — 上海 : 上海科技文献出版社, 2018. — 270 页. — 978-7-5439-7668-9.