Friday, August 8, 2008

More Chinese translations of IFLA papers

With the WLIC (IFLA General Conference) approaching, the number of the Chinese translations of IFLA papers has reached 14. In addition to the 8 translations related to cataloging and done by staff of the National Library of China, there are 6 more translations of papers for other sections and done by other Chinese librarians and foreign librarians, among whom there are Ms. Zhang from the Hainan University Library and Ms. Wong from the National Library of Australia. Compared to the figures of the last two years (4 and 5), the number of Chinese translations is the highest since Chinese language became one of the working languages of IFLA in 2006.

IFLA Cataloguing Section has the good tradition of translating all the papers into all the working languages. For the 4 papers for this year, there are translations in all of the 7 languages, and there are Chinese translations for all the 4 papers.