Wednesday, August 18, 2010

NLC began submitting Western records to OCLC

National Library of China (NLC) began submitting bibliographic records for monographs in Western languages to OCLC.
Since the signing of the agreement between NLC and OCLC in 2008, NLC has submitted 2.3 million bibliographic records for Chinese monographs to OCLC WorldCat database.
NLC began to use OCLC Resource Sharing platform for interlibrary lending early this year.
In August 2010, NLC submitted about 1 million bibliographic records for Western languages to OCLC to be uploaded to WorldCat database. Some NLC holdings are already displayed in OCLC records.
The batch conversion and uploading work is done by Online Library Cataloging Center (OLCC) under National Library of China.
I am very glad, because I am the director of OLCC, which is a Chinese counterpart of OCLC.


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