Friday, April 22, 2011

Video clips from the Concert for the 100th Anniversary of Tan Xiaolin

Tan Xiaolin's 100th Anniversary Ceremony was held in Shanghai Conservatory of Music last weekend (April 17).
Tan Xiaolin (1911-48) was a Pipa player and studied music composition at Yale with Paul Hindemith. He came back to Shanghai and became the director of the Department of Composition of SCM.
He was a pioneer of modern Chinese music composition, but he passed away at the age of 37.
The ceremony was co-organized by SCM and National Library of China, and consists of a manuscript exhibition, a concert and a workshop.
As a librarian, music lover and music history translator, I push the cooperation of National Library of China and Shanghai Conservatory of Music. I am glad that the ceremony was a great success.

The video clips for the concert for the 100th Anniversary of Tan Xiaolin can be found at:
which was recorded by me with Flip Video Camera and approved by Shanghai Conservatory of Music.

Concert for 100th Anniversary of Tan Xiaolin

Date: April 17, 2011
Venue: Shanghai Conservatory of Music
一、艺术歌曲(Art Songs)
1. 《小路》(内蒙古民歌,钢琴编配;1947)
2. 《自君之出矣》(唐·张久龄诗)
3. 《正气歌》(宋·文天祥诗摘句;1947)
4. 《彭浪矶》(宋·朱希真词)
5. 《别离》(郭沫若词;1946)
6. 《春雨春风》(宋·朱希真词)
二、室内乐(Chamber Music)
1. 《小提琴与中提琴二重奏》(1943)
Duet for Violin and Viola
2. 中提琴与竖琴《浪漫曲》(1944)
Romance for Viola and Harp
3. 《弦乐三重奏》(1945)
String Trio
Manuscript Exhibition, Concert and Roundtable for the 100th Anniversary of Tan Xiaolin: Art Songs and Chamber Music
Organized by Shanghai Conservatory of Music and National Library of China

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