Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Han Yongjin: Innovative services in the National Library of China

IFLA Journal, Volume 40, Issue 3 (October 2014) is just published today. There are nine articles by national librarians around the world, including the one by Mr. HAN Yongjin, Director-General of the National Library of China.

Innovative services in the National Library of China / HAN Yongjin

In recent years, librarianship in China has encountered new opportunities and challenges due to unprecedented changes in the political, economic, social and technical environment in China. In order to keep up with these changes, the National Library of China is devoted to the transformation of libraries in innovative ways. It has undertaken much exploration in the development of digital libraries, social education, preservation and conservation of cultural heritages and integration and display of library resources. It has also launched major projects including the Digital Library Promotion Project and 'Chinese Memory' and built the National Museum of Classic Collections to promote extensive reading activities. All these efforts have achieved positive results.

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