Tuesday, April 29, 2008

ISSN meetings held in Paris

Meetings of the Governing Board and the General Assembly of the ISSN International Centre were held in Paris during April 23-25, 2008. The 52nd GB meeting was held in the IC office on April 23, the 17th GA meeting was held in UNESCO House during April 24-25, and the 53rd meeting of the GB meeting was held in UNESCO House on April 25.

The meetings discussed financial statements, budget proposals and recent activities of the ISSN centres. A new Governing Board was elected, with China reelected and Vietnam and Tunisia newly elected. Ms. Susann Solberg from the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek (National Library of Germany) was elected as the new chair, and Tuula Haapamaki from Kansalliskirjasto (National Library of Finland) was elected as the new vice-chair.

The 2009 Directors meeting will be held in National Library of China, Beijing, China, in September, 2009.