Friday, April 4, 2008

More Copies of Chinese Version of ISBD

Yesterday, I received 10 sample copies of the Chinese version of ISBD Consolidated Edition for myself and another 3 copies for IFLA Headquarters from the publisher. I sent several copies to Chinese colleagues for their use in drafting standards, three copies to IFLA HQ for the copyright agreement, and some copies to my IFLA colleagues. I also got 20 copies from my library for 11 sections under my department. Perhaps I will have to buy more copies to be sent to friends and colleagues.

Elena Escolano Rodríguez, chair of the ISBD Review Group, told me that she likes the cover design of the Chinese version of ISBD. John D. Byrum, Jr., former chair of the ISBD RG said that it is very interesting that the first translation would appear in Chinese! Some Chinese colleagues are considering to revise Chinese national standards according to ISBD Consolidated Edition.